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How To Write The Best Online Dating Profile Possible – Part 1


When visiting any dating website you are going to come across many different profiles that really don’t do the people justice.  In this article and the next we are going to be offer you some advice that you may find useful that can help you to write the best online dating profile possible.

The advice we give is of the kind that will have plenty of people wanting to arrange dates with you.   Most people of course want to date someone they think looks nice, but they also want to date someone they can trust and who has similar interests to them.

Well let’s get on the matter of creating the best online dating profile for you that will ensure that you meet people who you will like, and who will like you in return.

Tip 1 – Select A Decent Username

Although choosing a clever username is good, sometimes choosing a more boring one is better than choosing one that is gross.  For example avoid choosing usernames such as suckme2 or bigtit48.  These names aren’t funny in fact people will find them creepy.

 Tip 2 – Focus On The People You Want To Attract

It is important when creating the best online dating profile possible that you be yourself.  However when creating yours this is the time to think about what your teachers would have said to you when at school, which was “be the best you can”.

For example if you are someone who is attracted to those who work hard then emphasize that you have a similar love of this as well.  However if you are someone who prefers to take a more low key approach to life then don’t forget to mention this within your profile.  However be prepared to have people contact you who don’t like everything that you do, as most people would prefer not to be dating a carbon copy of themselves.

When creating your profile remember that online dating is like advertising.  It is important that as you work on yours that you know who your ideal audience is, so that you can target them and therefore make yourself more appealing to them.  Also any flaws that you may have shouldn’t be included.

Tip 3 – Select Photographs That Reflect You

Not only should you be selecting photographs to include in your profile that are flattering but are also an accurate representation of who you are.  Also it is important that you use the most up to date photographs that you have.  Don’t think that including ones from when you were 10 years younger and a stone lighter are going to work their magic on any potential dates.  Remember you are attempting to attract people who you would like to date now and not when you were younger.

It is also important that you select photographs that really show what you look like.  Remember the whole point of including these photographs is to make sure that someone can easily determine whether they would really be interested on going on a first date with you.

Plus also remember that the photographs you use on your profile and send out to others will reflect your tastes.  Avoid using the kinds of photos where you are trying to be someone you are not so don’t use the photographs that friends took whilst on a night out on holiday.

Choose the kinds of photographs that you would like to see on other people’s profiles.  Also ask yourself when looking to include certain photographs “How do you thing someone else who has never met me before is going to view me when they look at it?”

One other piece of advice we would give with regards to including a photograph when writing the best online dating profile possible is to avoid using ones taken with your computers own camera.  They really don’t do you any justice and will highlight those areas of you and your life that you don’t want others to see.  As well as helping to highlight wrinkles and other flaws in your complexion you may also find that the background will be able to provide potential dates with some information that they don’t find at all flattering.   Instead why not ask your friend or someone you trust to take your profile picture using a good quality digital camera and then upload the picture on to the site.

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How To Write The Best Online Dating Profile Possible – Part 2


In Part 1 we offered some advice that can prove useful to you when it comes to writing the best online dating profile possible. In this next part we provide further advice that can you will find extremely useful and help towards you meeting people who could become potential dates in the future.

Tip 4 – Check Through Your Profile Before Submitting

One of the biggest mistakes people make when submitting an online dating profile is not to check the spelling or grammar. It is important that not only is everything spelt correctly but also people will find it easy to read. It is okay to capitalize certain words but don’t use them throughout your profile. Remember you are trying to attract potential dates to you not drive them away.

Tip 5 – Date People Of A Similar Age

Another mistake a lot of people make when writing out their online dating profile is to select to choose people to date who are either significantly younger or older. Certainly the guys are more prone to do this than women. For example on one website we saw a guy who was aged 37 and he listed in his profile that he would prefer having dates with women between the ages of 20 and 30.

However if you really do not want to date people of a similar age to yourself then before you begin writing the best online dating profile possible you need to be asking yourself why this is. Okay dating a younger man or woman may seem like a whole lot of fun and could cause envy with your mates, but do you really have anything in common with them. Dating someone closer to your own age whether a few years younger or older means that you more likely to be in a similar position to them when it comes to experience.

Tip 6 – Keep It Positive

When dating we will all have been burned at one time or another and as a result of this we tend to have quite a long list of things that we don’t want our partner to have. However if you think that turning your dating profile into a long list of complaints is going to help you find that perfect person then think again. You will either sound like a whiny baby or you have a huge ego because you think that you are in fact perfect, and you are not. Plus most people find people who complain a lot very unattractive.

Tip 7 – Be Honest, But Don’t Be Too Honest

There are certain interests that you may have with regards to the kind of people you are looking to date, however it is important that you avoid including such details into your profile. If you provide too much information initially this could easily turn someone away from wanting to get to know you more. A bit of mystery about who you are and what you enjoy is going to help pique that person’s interest and could get them contacting you to find out more.

This is especially important when visiting online dating websites and you have certain sexual preferences or fetishes. You need to tread very carefully because there will be an actual photograph of you appearing with your profile as well. Okay it is great to look for a little fun with like-minded people but remember other people you know well, like family, friends and work colleagues have easy access to the Internet as well.

Plus you should seriously consider whether you want to publicise such as you could end up getting messages from people who have even stranger perversions or fetishes than you and think that you would like to get involved.

Yes using an online dating service is a wonderful way to meet new and exciting people, but if you don’t write the best online dating profile possible then meeting them becomes even more of a challenge. However hopefully by following the tips provided in this article and the previous one will help to ensure that the profile you do create is one that will have plenty of potential dates wanting to get to know you even more and seeking to arrange that all important first date with them.

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Online Dating – The Truth

The internet is filled with thousands of online dating sites. Surprising as many may find this, many couples have found lasting happiness as the result of online dating. If you’re new to it, you’re probably nervous about what you need to do and if you’ll find success in meeting your soul mate. While online dating sites can’t guarantee you’ll meet Mr. or Ms. Right, many have found success.

Online Dating Sites are not Just for Dating

You may be thinking that you don’t have any trouble finding a date but rather someone that’s looking for the same type of commitment as you. The good news about online dating sites is that they no longer focus on just dating as they did in the past. Online dating sites offer many possibilities including friendship, possible marriage partner, soul mate, casual date or even someone for just sexual encounters. In other words, online dating sites can offer almost any kind of relationship you’re looking for in life.

How Do I Advertise Myself?

Online dating sites offer you many ways of advertising yourself to others, starting with your profile. Your profile, which will include information about you, may include photos, voice clips, videos or any designs you wish. You can mention what it is you’re looking for on the site, whether it’s dating, friendship, lifelong partner, potential marriage or whatever. How much or how little you put on your profile is up to you. The online dating site will usually have a profile template to assist you in providing your information.

Although some members feel that the options they offer in their drop down box are not always exact, they’re usually very helpful. Most members will use a profile name or nickname as opposed to using their own name. This is recommended to protect your privacy. By using a name other than your own, you’re reducing the chance of your private information leaking out to anyone.

How Effective are Online Dating Sites?

One of the things that make online dating sites so effective is their ability to match you with someone that’s similar in interests and desires. This is the purpose of the profiles. If you specifically stated you were looking for a marriage partner, the site wouldn’t match you with profiles of people looking for casual sex. They have very sophisticated tools that can weed out those that do not meet your specifications. While they’re not perfect and can’t make guarantees, they offer you an excellent opportunity to meet many new and interesting people.

by: Frank Breinling

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